Have you heard of a device called “Microscope”? you might have heard this word in your elementary school.Actually microscope is an amazing invention which helps the scientists to find the hidden things behind something.There are a lot of things in this world un invented, finding them is a hell of a job and some passionate critical thinkers burn their brains to find some killer answers to the unanswerable questions.Finally they show the result to the real world.

There are things in this world, which we cannot see with our naked eyes say for example an Atom or a Neutron etc.But some peoples can see it,well they use devices like Microscope to see them but not everyone is using these devices hence, everyone doesn’t have the answer.The scientists find out the answer and spread the knowledge.

We are ScanMatters, call us scientists, microscopes, critical thinkers or techy idiots but we are passionate craps who work hard day by day finding the answer to the unanswerable questions in the world.Our duty is to scan every matter in this world and show you the results in an easy manner, so that we make sure knowledge is everywhere no matter you’re a scientist or what.

A Team with 4 Human Survivors, working hard and smart to crack the question and to exploit the answer.We are passionate and dedicated to what we do, Meet the Heroes :



Rohil Raj ( RJ ) 

RJ is the ” Team Leader & Co-Founder ” at ScanMatters . He loves working with start ups and enjoys the challenge of complex interactions .

RJ pursued his passion for the Blogging, Web Designing at the age of 15 . After Graduating from IETE NewDelhi, He switched his carrer with a Full Time Blogger and Entrepreneur .

He is responsible for overseeing the thought Leadership, Website development, Lead Generation and Strategic Planning for ScanMatters .

RJ says  ” i’m Very Simple, Caring, Little Possessive , Internet Addict, Lazy And Photography Enthusiast . ”

Currently He lives in Kerala, India with family.

Krishna - SM TEAMKrishna Moorthy D

Its Krishna, the ” Co-Founder and Chief Editor ” of ScanMatters . Basically concentrate more on Internet marketing and SEO stuffs.

He is a passionate infoprenuer and an upcoming Entreprenuer.

Krishna says ” He is  a lazy creature who doesn’t even show the interest to drink a glass of water (because the jug is 2mile away from me) but he will work like mad, If he get into an entrepreneurial atmosphere. ”

Hope you like my articles too.Enjoy the day .



RK - SM TEAMRekhilesh Adiyeri ( RK )

Rekhilesh Adiyeri is our ” Marketing Head & Co-Founder ” at ScanMatters .

He is from Tellicherry (Kerala, India), An MicroSoft certified Professional [MCP], SEO Specialist & Internet Marketer who has completed Diploma on Hardware & networking, Microsoft Certified System Administrator [MCSA] & now pursuing BCA in annamalai university.

Interested in SEO and Affiliate marketing, He provides wide range of SEO services to offline businesses. He is in this Internet Marketing field for about 8 years.


Athul - SM TEAM

Athul Gith

Athul is our ” Designer, Author & Co-Founder ” at ScanMatters .
He is an infopreneur and blogger from Kerala, India . Athul loves Writing on Funny trending social many other Topics.

Athul words always makes readers thoughtful and Currently working at Cochin. But he always loves to work as Freelancer than working under a person or company .

He always spend lots of time time for reading books writing blogs etc .
Thoughts : ” Work with out any restriction, Earn with out limit ”